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SolMan Healthcare is the best way in animal healthcare innovation.

SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Caters to the veterinary demands of domestic as well as International clients having WHO_GMP approved manufacturing facility in India. SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has its Presence for the last 25 years as SS healthcare in a smaller scale and now it is moving to larger scale as SolMan Healthcare Private Limited company. We are proud to be introduced as one of the leading manufacturer, Exporter and trusted sourcing partners for customers in India and across the Globe in the field of veterinary finished products and formulations, Active Pharmaceutical ingredients, Excipients, Herbal extracts, surgical products and all types of Animal and Aqua feeds.

SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has a team of professionals which has in depth knowledge of the International and domestic veterinary Pharmaceutical market as we are in the industry for more than two decades.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To develop new technologies and provide the best services to our valued customers through international standards of quality and packaging.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to continuously improving standards of medical care and customer service, promoting health and wellness initiatives for employees and patients, and providing the highest quality care with compassion, respect, and dedication to all patients, whether they are animals, birds, pets, or human beings.
  • To keep an eye on the world's scenarios.
  • To stay connected across the globe.
  • To be hyper-sensitive to changing technologies.
  • To update our organisations about the changing technologies.
  • To make organisations and customers realise their requirements.
  • To be very swift in providing services and products required for the healthcare community.
IconOur Team

Our Team Members

Dr. Manoj Parshuram Chaudhari


Dr. Manoj Parshuram Chaudhari, a visionary, founded SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., supplying environmental testing lab equipment for 24 years through MACK PHARMATECH PVT. LTD. Leveraging his extensive pharmaceutical experience, he aims to further serve the healthcare sector.

Dr. Sunil Baburao Rokade

Managing Director

Dr. Sunil Rokade is a pharmacy graduate from Nashik and has completed MBA from UDMS (PUMBA) in Pune. He has rich sales experience at companies like Medley Pharma and Alkem Pharma. His last association was with Himalaya Drugs Company in Pune for 10 years.

Dr. Vilasgiri Govindgiri Gosavi


Dr. Vilasgiri Gosavi has completed his postgraduate degree in chemistry from Nashik. He has 23 years of experience in GSK Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd in the Quality department. He is approved in chemical and instrumentation by the FDA in Maharashtra. He is the lead auditor of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a visionary company established by a visionary person, the Director, who has been serving the healthcare industry by providing environmental testing laboratory equipment for the last 24 years in the form of MACK PHARMATECH PVT. LTD., Dr. Manoj Parshuram Chaudhari.

Dr. Sunil B. Rokade, Managing Director of SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (manufacturer and exporter of animal feed supplements), graduated in pharmacy with MBA from UDMS, Pune. He has a highly versatile personality, having experience in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and healthcare industries (manufacturing and marketing) for more than two decades. Dr. Sunil Rokade has rich sales experience at companies like Medley Pharma and Alkem Pharmaceuticals. His last association was with Himalaya Drugs Company in Pune for 10 years.

After having vast experience in pharmaceutical industries he has started his own manufacturing company named as SS healthcare for Animals, pets and Birds due to his passion and love for Animals. He is serving Animals since last 25 years by producing required products for Animals, pets and Birds.

Dr. Sunil Rokade has developed many people in this industry who have started their own franchise business in India, and now they have a peaceful life by doing this business and serving the healthcare industry.

At SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., with his customer-focused nature, humble personality, and strong background in commerce, he made it up to the Managing Director level.

Under the technical and experimental guidance of these two personalities who care for the healthcare industry, we are now expanding our pharmaceutical and veterinary business names as SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is focused on integrity and reliability, like its parent companies, 'Mack Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.' and 'SS Healthcare,' have been for the past two decades. Both of our directors ensure quality and meet customer needs and expectations.



SolMan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. caters to the veterinary demands of domestic as well as international clients, having a WHO-GMP-approved manufacturing facility in India. We are approved by WHO-GMP and have a certificate for the same. Our company is ISO-9001: 2015 Quality Management System certified company. We follow all the rules and regulations as per WHO/GMP and ISO 9001.